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We rely on our customers to take the time to review the information on our website, then book online for the lowest possible fares and convenience of our customers, you can book online 24 Hours a Day.

Question: When Should I Book My Transfer?


This is your vacation and you've taken the time to plan it out so well so leaving your transportation to the last minute is never a good idea. We suggest you book your ground transfers as soon as you book your flight. In order to take advantage of our low fares, we do require an advance prepaid reservation. That is why we are so much cheaper than a taxi.

Question: How Will I Be Able To Communicate With My Driver?


As soon as you press submit when you make your reservation, you will be provided with the telephone number for our Dispatch Desk. Our Dispatchers are in constant communication with your driver. In addition, your driver will have the Cell Phone Number you provided in your reservation and will call you 15 minutes prior to your scheduled pick up time. Please note that we are unable to dial telephone numbers outside of the USA.

Question: What Forms Of Payment Are Accepted?


We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover Credit and Check Debit Cards. You can use your bank card from any bank in the world. We do not accept Cash or American Express Credit Cards.

Question: What Is The Cancellation Policy?


All reservations are refundable minus a $10.00 each way processing fee. In order to receive a refund, you must use the "Contact Us" Form and travel cannot be within 48 hours. Cancellation of travel within 48 Hours is 100% Non-Refundable without exception.

Question: What Kind Of Shuttle Will I Be In?


Based on your group size, it could be a Van, Minibus or Motorcoach.

Question: Do You Provide Child Safety Seats?


Yes, we sure do. We charge $10.00 Per Car Seat.

Question: Is Driver Gratuity Included In The Fare?


Yes! 10% Gratuity is built into your fare, the remainder can be paid in cash directly to your driver!

Question: What If My Flight Is Delayed?


Our Dispatch Desk will always track your flight. In fact, often times we know that your flight is delayed before you do. Not to worry, we will adjust your pick up time accordingly. All we ask is that you please call our Dispatch Desk at your earliest convenience when you land. You're coming to Florida - Hakuna Matata!

Question: Do You Pay Travel Agent Commissions?


We do not offer commissions. All of our fares are considered to be wholesale rates and offer no additional discounts.

Question: Am I Guaranteed To Be Picked Up On-Time?


Nope! While we do our very best to run a 100% on-time operation, the fact is, we are a ground transportation company. We are unable to predict Road Conditions, Construction, Traffic and Weather. Many outside factors can cause a delay and we offer no guarantee of an on-time pick up. That said, we've never had any group miss their flight or a cruise. We always have a back up plan. Whether you book with us or not, (and we hope you do!), we caution you to any transportation company that states that they are always on-time. Just like with the Airlines, Cruise Lines and Railroads, no transportation company can guarantee an on-time departure.






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What Our Customers Say About Us
  • John Bove
    Excellent service! Our flight was delayed and also there was a problem with one of our bags being mislaid and so we were very much later than anticipated. This was no problem to viator who just said don't worry call us when you are out from baggage claim. We didn't even have to wait 10 minutes for them to turn up-marvellous service,we would definitely use again.
    Mike Buckley
    The driver came on time to pick us up at the hotel. Matter of fact, it was the same driver who dropped us off. He was professional and patient fighting thru crazy traffic.
    Good organisation for the pick up. When I rang to say we were ready at the airport we were told which exit to wait at and that the ambiance transportation would be 10-20 mins. .He arrived within that time, I would definitely use this service again
  • Debra
    Called the number on arrival and we were picked up within 10 minutes. Service was super driver was extremely polite. Dropped off right in front of our hotel. Very reasonably priced compared to alternatives.
    George Baffee
    The pickup went perfectly. The service was right on time, and the driver was friendly and efficient. I wil use this service again, and I highly recommend it to others.
    James enfold
    Driver was waiting for us when we arrived and was dressed very professional. The ride was smooth and quick and was made even more pleasent because the driver was very personable.