Cruise Port Pick Up Information

What time should I schedule my pick up at the Cruise Terminal?

Disembarking a cruise liner is different than deplaning. Please review the information below and plan accordingly!

Getting Off the Ship

On most ships, you'll know it's disembarkation day because public address systems start bellowing the news rather early in the morning. But don't hurry. The ship has to be cleared by Customs and port authorities before you can actually leave. If you have a particularly early flight home, alert the purser's office at least a day in advance and they will give you priority disembarkation, as designated by the same color-coded tags on your luggage. If you have a later flight, kick back and enjoy another cup of coffee. This is not a process that goes particularly fast. Remember, you aren't allowed to get off earlier than the time designated by your luggage tags, but you can get off later.


Immigration authorities used to do a blanket clearance of the whole ship when the time came to disembark at a U.S. port. Only non-U.S. citizens or green card holders needed to meet with authorities. But in recent times, with concern over terrorists entering the U.S. and what not, everyone may be required to appear before authorities at some point during the cruise. If that's the case, listen to the public address announcements for details about the clearance meeting: You usually meet in some sort of lounge, all family members must attend, and you need to bring your passport or ID (details will be given on the ship).


For cruises disembarking in the U.S., you will have to fill out a Customs Declaration form (one per family), which you'll receive on the ship -- if you get off the ship in Canada, you clear customs when you get to the airport; and for Europe cruises you clear Customs when you return to the U.S. Customs inspectors don't check each and every bag, but you don't want to get caught breaking the rules. There are stiff fines, for instance, for bringing back Cuban cigars. The standard allowance for a U.S. citizen is $800 per traveler (kids count too) in duty-free goods. That can include 1 carton of cigarettes or 100 cigars and 1 liter of alcohol if you are over 21. If you go over the limits you may have to pay a 10% tax

Interesting Fact

Here's a fact for you...the average cruise port receives 4 to 6 scheduled cruise ships daily and they all arrive around the same time. Passengers must disembark, claim their luggage, then go through US Customs and Immigration before actually being allowed to leave the terminal building. All of Florida's Cruise Ports have one road in and one road out to exit the Cruise Port. Let's do some math...each cruise ship carries on the average of 2000 guests and when you multiply that by an average of 5 ships per port, that is 10,000 people all trying to leave the port at the same time. Setting aside the newly arriving 10,000 guests whom are leaving on their cruise that same day. So now there is 20,000 people coming in and going out of a cruise terminal. It can be quite the nightmare! Book your flights accordingly!

What if we are delayed getting through Customs and Immigration?

If you are delayed going through US Customs and Immigration, you MUST contact your driver as soon as possible to notify them of the delay. There is NO additional charge for customers who are delayed in Customs and Immigration IF they call the driver before their scheduled pick up time.

How will I find my driver?

1. We ask that you provide us with your Cell Phone number when you make your reservation. It is our policy that our driver calls you 15 minutes before your scheduled pick up time to coordinate the exact pick up location.

2. If you do not have a cell phone, it will be your responsibility to contact your driver

Note: If you have a cell phone number OUTSIDE the USA, our driver will NOT be able to call you. You will need to call the driver.






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  • John Bove
    Excellent service! Our flight was delayed and also there was a problem with one of our bags being mislaid and so we were very much later than anticipated. This was no problem to viator who just said don't worry call us when you are out from baggage claim. We didn't even have to wait 10 minutes for them to turn up-marvellous service,we would definitely use again.
    Mike Buckley
    The driver came on time to pick us up at the hotel. Matter of fact, it was the same driver who dropped us off. He was professional and patient fighting thru crazy traffic.
    Good organisation for the pick up. When I rang to say we were ready at the airport we were told which exit to wait at and that the ambiance transportation would be 10-20 mins. .He arrived within that time, I would definitely use this service again
  • Debra
    Called the number on arrival and we were picked up within 10 minutes. Service was super driver was extremely polite. Dropped off right in front of our hotel. Very reasonably priced compared to alternatives.
    George Baffee
    The pickup went perfectly. The service was right on time, and the driver was friendly and efficient. I wil use this service again, and I highly recommend it to others.
    James enfold
    Driver was waiting for us when we arrived and was dressed very professional. The ride was smooth and quick and was made even more pleasent because the driver was very personable.